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Lead Foot

February 26th, 2005

New York City?!?! @ 05:44 am

Driving conditions are...: tired tired

So my journey began before I though it would.

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Oh yeah, some pictures

January 17th, 2005

Aftermath @ 02:11 pm

Driving conditions are...: contemplative contemplative

It's been about two months since I went on my trip cross country. I'm not sure if anyone is reading this anymore (old co-workers that is). I've been updating my CV, registered for Unemployment Insurance, did all my errands, contacted the outplacement agency (which I'm still waiting to hear back on), and hunting the DICE and Monster ads like white on rice.

All of this, and I'm still feeling crappy. The I read this blog post that pretty much sums up what many of us have been dealing with in this time of mergers and layoffs.

I stayed doing the best I could knowing people were happy with the service I was providing. What sucks truly is that if for some reason it had worked out, I'd probably still be miserable.

I miss working with my old manager and CEO. Hell I even miss dealing with my old director. Yes, this would be me eating crow, but really our issues were more personal.

So yeah, I'm here doing what I can keeping myself occupied. Happy as pie my brother got a good job, which he started today. I should be next up for a job. Yep, that's the plan.

December 15th, 2004

Back in town... @ 06:14 pm

Driving conditions are...: pissed off pissed off

So 5 more people got canned from my old job site.

Good people. People with oddles of integrity. Honest-would-do-anything-to-help-you-out people.

Gryffindors to the heart.

You fellas have my best thoughts and wishes.

Yes, I know it's not a travel related post, but I know many of you who do read this, know the context.

What Happens Tomorrow

December 11th, 2004

California: The City, cont. @ 01:19 am

Driving conditions are...: calm calm

Today I got in from a late night with with a good friend at like 5am which, on all counts, was wonderful!

So yeah, I slept in till like noon, in the lovely sun room my very good friends allow me to stay in when I asked to stay here in The City and well... I tell you more about that room later... or not. I'll say just this, in the morning, it's flooded with light and when you look out the windows you can see Golden Gate Park to the south, Sutro Tower to the south east, and the roaring Pacific Ocean to the west.

Yes, I am lucky enough to see surf.

Anywho, I spent most of the afternoon lazying around the living room, and well it's the kind of home where you can do that and not even go out and it's ok. I had some great conversation on many body images and weight issues, read some great articles, OMG!flailing of JK Rowling's web site updates, and coffee!

I only left at around 4pm, which was a bad idea, as I hit major traffic getting to the east bay, but getting there, and then meeting up with company more than made up for it.

I'm being thrifty these days, but I'm so happy that I got a new pair of jammies at Old Navy that fit and of xmas-y feel.

Tomorrow I make cookies!

AfterhoursDJs.org - All live, all the time.

December 8th, 2004

California: San Francisco @ 08:29 am

Driving conditions are...: calm calm
iPod is playing...: northern rain strom off the Pacific pelting the windows of the sunroom

[I wrote this last night after settling into my guest quarters here in SF]

I'm sitting in the sun room of very close friends home while the rain is pelting the southern and western windows with rain that has an ebb and flow that follows the wind's lead.

This is what I think coming home feels like. I have not been here in four years, now that I think about it. I'm so happy to see my friends here.

And see, there are so many private things here that are so familiar that I want to share with all of you, but I can't out of respect for the things they have shared with me, things that, because, as I was told, I'm special, so it's like I'm allowed. Like being shown to some place sacred I guess. For me though, it's like a part of me has grown up here and it's like just part of "normal". The "normal" I never had in my formative years.

I love this place, but equally I love this city and the people who work and live here. And yes, I know some of you are thinking, maybe I should look for work here, and though it's a thought, I'm not ready to make those kinds of leaps yet. Not with the cost of living at least.

Anyhoo, tomorrow should be an interesting day. I will have some exploring and people watching to do. Have great conversation and food. And time to think.

December 5th, 2004

Home Sweet Home! @ 10:12 pm

Driving conditions are...: jubilant jubilant

After 6123.9 miles in 15 days by car...

I'm home!

I have many back posts to update later, so stayed tuned! Oh yeah, pictures too!

For now, a bath, some food, and catching up with my flatmate:)

December 4th, 2004

Oklahoma: Oklahoma City @ 12:20 pm

Driving conditions are...: sympathetic sympathetic

I'm here. I have no words.

*is numb*

December 3rd, 2004

Personal: Getting sick @ 06:03 am

Driving conditions are...: sick sick

Ok, I think my body's had it. In a way this is a good thing and a bad thing. Good that my brother is here and well I noticed things started to go south when I knew he was on his way out here to help me drive home.

My throat is sore and I think I may have been running a slight fever, which in the long run is ok, as my body is just doing it's job. Now I just have to make sure I feed my self properly so I can get better right quick.

Tomorrow we'll go see the Clinton Library, which btw, at night, it looks wonderful! (Yes I took pictures.) As a matter of fact all of downtown looks like it's been revitalized for quite some time now, and I'm betting Clinton's Governorship had a hand in it.

Most impressive building thus far? The City Library. All along the top there are the inscribed names of many worldwide famous authors.

Pretty interesting when you juxtapose this with what the neighboring state wants to do with the banning of books like this one by Tennessee Williams or this one by Alice Walker or this one by Oscar Wilde.

But I digress. Later this morning I hope to get some more good food and take care of myself. Get though this bad patch of feeling sick and get better. I hate being sick, but in a way this feels like I'm purging the last of the crappy shit that I've been going through at my old job. I will miss the people there, but that's what the internet and phone calls are for.

December 2nd, 2004

Arkansas: unreal_cinema is here!!! @ 04:40 pm

Driving conditions are...: ecstatic ecstatic

Yep, that's right folks, my brother has arrived!!!

After I finish debating with the 'tech' guy here at the Travel Lodge that my iBook does in fact work with WiFi and has been doing so since I started this trip, we'll be going to get some grub and tomorrow check out the new Presidential Library here in Little Rock, AK

(The problem is that there is no signal in my room.)

Here's some more NEW pictures for you all!

December 1st, 2004

Impressions thus far of the South... @ 03:29 pm

Driving conditions are...: pensive pensive
iPod is playing...: Flying-J Musak

[Note: This was written last night while staying in Birmingham, Alabama, after experiencing some interesting treatment about what lodging I 'should stay away from' when it turned out to be just fine, better than most of the chain motels I've stayed at.]


That's what my impressions of the southern states of America is manifesting itself into. Everyone has has been kind and hospitable, but I can't escape that perhaps the color of my skin and/or my gender yields an undercurrent of benefit to my favor.

I know I shouldn't talk like this.

But growing up the way I did, with parents that are more close minded for my comfort has made me realize that to a certain degree I had my own ideas about what to expect. Being ever hopeful and wanting the best of people clashes hard when I start to notice things that just make my head hurt.

See, I'm not even sure how to write about this.

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Lead Foot